Housing and Urban Planning pursues continuous development to establish a creative housing culture.
  • Occupants of Earth spend most of their time inside architectural spaces, and we have continually improved and developed this environment to live in a better environment than that of the natural state.
  • Because living environments change through this process, housing construction has a direct influence on our lives. This has had the greatest change and development throughout history, and its importance can be seen in major national projects even today.
  • The foundation of human life is housing, and human wisdom, science, technology, energy, resources, and information are all applied to housing.
    Due to advancements in structures, construction methods, materials, and design, structures have developed into long-span and high-rise housing, and such buildings are now accepted as natural in everyday life. The elevator installed inside is an essential element, and various equipment systems are included such as an artificial intelligence system which can automatically control temperature, cleanliness, sound, and light for a suitable comfortable indoor environment.
  • Developments in semi-conductor technology and information related technology have allowed for such intelligent housing. In step with the Internet ubiquitous era, our houses are changing with the support of wired or wireless control system. We can work at home equipped with security features while controlling electronic devices at workplace. We can also control various pieces of equipment inside the houses while we are outside.
  • Moreover, in response to changes to new lifestyles and the diversified needs of humans, there is need to develop various approaches to enhance quality of life, such as the development and distribution of sustainable housing and residential area models, environmentally friendly living complexes, and formation of cyber apartments. Hence, there is need for sophistication of planning, design, and management technology in housing development and furthermore, streamlining of national policy establishment, finance and business management technology.