Seoul National University of Science and Technology has a rich history of over 100 years, and it has achieved remarkable development by effectively responding to the requests of our changing society for each era.
  • and greatly contributed to the technology advancement and industrial development of our country. Especially, the open education system of industrial education cooperation can be seen to play an essential role in cultivating a high-quality professional workforce.
  • The Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planning was established in 2001 to cultivate professionals in the housing sector. The Korea Land and Housing Corporation is the central institution for the land and housing field of our country, and students participate in its construction projects to learn the accumulated practical knowledge and research achievements through university education. The Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planning is the only housing specialized graduate school in the country which has expanded the education between university, research institutes, and industry.
  • I am very proud to say many high-quality professional graduates of the Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planningare leading the development for a comfortable housing environment and culture and enhancing the competitiveness of the housing industry on a global level.
  • The infinite competition of innovative knowledge and technology is requiring more from the Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planning. As quality of life improves for humans, there is increased demand for newer and more diverse housing, and there is strong demand for new materials and alternative energy also in the housing industry for conservation of the environment. In addition, there is desperate need for innovative housing policies such as sustainable and economic maintenance of large-scale housing complexes, prevention of difficult developments, and prevention of speculative investment in real estate.
  • The Graduate School of Housing and Urban Planning will continue in its endeavors toward constant technology development, research, and cultivation of excellent housing professionals to establish the foundation for a future housing industry.