Department Overview
  • Department of Architecture's graduate academic program reflects the goals and strategy of The Graduate School of Housing of Seoul National University of Science and Technology that housing design professionals are much more than technicians.
  • Also the goals of the department are extended to the broader professional areas such as housing project development, public administration and interior design. The housing industry belongs to not only the technology field but also related cultural realms. Therefore to be a leader in the 21stcentury economy, we need to reach an international standard.
  • For these academic purposes, the Department of Architecture aims to cultivate housing professional abilities with creative research capabilities. The research areas of the department are planning of housing projects, designing housing space, designing industry, history of housing and policy of housing from a public view point. Also the research areas could extend to a variety issues of architecture and related subjects as well as future housing, design method and ecology issue, etc.
  • Through these efforts, the Department of Architecture tries to promote Korean housing culture and to develop the housing industry of Korea. With its experts in the housing industry, the department could help improve housing across the globe.
  • The Department of Architecture teaches the theory of housing and history for the foundation of theory and provides education programs which are related to the housing design field, urban planning field, interior design field, and landscape design field for professional education.
Education and research focus areas
  • Theory of Housing Area : Housing Policy, Traditional Housing and Urban Areas of Korea and China, History of Housing, Study of Housing and Urban Laws, Environment and Housing, Environmental Psychology and Behavior, Theory of Long Life Housing, Advanced Theory of Modernization of Korean Traditional Housing
  • Housing Planning Area : Housing Planning, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Theory of Housing Space, Study of Future Housing, Research of Residential Community, Environment and Housing
  • Housing Design Area : Housing Design Methodology, Housing Design, Residential Design Ⅰ,
  • Urban and Site Planning Area : Housing Site Planning& Design, A History of Urban Areas, Urban Design, Theory of Urban Structure, Environment & Landscape Studies of Urban Areas and Housing, High-rise Housing Complex Design, Theory of Advanced Technology Housing
  • Interior Design Area : Interior Design, Study of Remodeling, Theory of Ubiquitous Space, Study of Future Housing
  • Landscape Design Area : : Landscape Architecture, Landscape Studies, Methodology for Sustainable Housing, Environment & Landscape Studies of Urban Areas and Housing
Applied and related industry Fields
  • Government Agency : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Ministry of Security and Public Administration, local autonomous entity, Research Institutes
  • Private Sector : Construction Company, Housing Developer, Real Estate Company, Realtor, Environment Industry, Interior Firm, Architects Firm, Remodeling Industry, Landscape Industry
  • non-profit Private Sector : Institute which is related to urban areas, environment and housing, and citizen organizations