Department Overview
As the world goes global with the advance of IT, every corner of the world is undergoing urbanization at a speed unseen in history. The rapid change is sustaining dramatic economic growth, while it is responsible for uneven distribution of resources, environmental pollution and a shortage of housing facilities. This entails the introduction of efficient and sustainable urban management and policy as well as the increase in supply of residential buildings and diversified residential design.
The department aims to provide educational courses for housing management firmly based on urban economic and management theory in order to meet changing needs in our society. To that end, we introduced management theory and analytical method for housing project planning, housing investment housing-related consulting and research activity. In doing so, we plan to produce graduates equipped with theoretical knowledge and reality-based practices regarding urban and housing management so that they can contribute to modernization of urban management and development of the housing industry. In particular, the department provides in-depth look at real estate investment into and marketing tactics. In addition, we provide insight into construction accounting, construction cost management, info. management, housing economy and industry.
Education and research focus areas
  • Real estate investment & financial sector : real estate investment, finance, securities, real estate and capital market
  • Real estate marketing : real estate marketing, market analysis, housing economy, housing consumer behavior
  • Construction accounting : construction accounting, cost management, financial accounting, real estate taxation and accounting
  • Org. and personnel Management : management strategy and innovation, human resource management organizational design, construction labor management
  • Housing production management and information : housing information management housing production management,
    housing e-business, quality management
Applied and related industry Fields
The department aims to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge applicable to management, economy and policy. Related industries include:
  • Government agency : Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Korean National Housing Corp., Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and local government
  • Profit sector : : Construction, housing industry, real estate development and brokerage, environmental industry, accounting corp., urban and housing related consulting, e-business
  • Non-profit sector : urban environment and housing related civil organization