Department Overview
National Housing Policy in Korea has concentrated on quantitative measures -- providing enough housing units. However, social needs are more bias to qualitative improvement nowadays in terms of environmental friendly housing development, social stability and equality by supply cost, refreshment of existing deteriorating living conditions, and efficient management of housing stock. The department’s target is to educate specialists though academic efforts in housing policy, administration, and management. To achieve the above target, some of the main issues are analysed in the class, such as land resource utilization, effective management of the housing environment by considering a reasonable arrangement of urban space and neighbouring community for energetic life though theoretic and practical experiences.
Education and research focus areas
  • Housing Development・Planning Theory Field : Theory of Housing, Study of Housing and Urban Laws, Planning Theory, Housing Studies in Northern Area of Korea, Etc
  • Housing Development Policy Field : Housing Policy, Land Use Planning, Development Theory of Housing, Urban Policy and Planning, Urban Regeneration Theory, Etc
  • Real Estate Field : Real Estate and Capital Market, Real Estate Consulting, Analysis of Real Estate Market, International Real Estate, Etc
  • Housing Maintenance・Management Field : Advanced Theory of Housing Maintenance
  • Housing Technology Field : Study of Remodeling, Etc
  • Housing sector : Housing and Real Estate Finance, Land Economics, Theory of Statistic Analysis for Housing, Etc
Applied and related industry Fields
Theories and knowledge can all be applied to the field of housing planning, development, policy, maintenance and management techniques, and real estates concerns as follows:
  • Government Agency : Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and the Korea Land Housing Corporation and Agencies, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and Local Autonomous Entity, Construction-Related Public Research, Etc
  • Private Profit Sector : Construction and Housing Industry, House Maintenance Industry, Real Estate Development and Reconstruction, Redevelopment Area Industrial, Remodeling Industry, City-Related Industries, Etc
  • Private non-Profit Sector : Related to Field Academic Research, Housing Development Institute, Urban Environment and Civic Organizations, Etc