Name SangWook Lee
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6439
Fax 02-979-2277
Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Ph.D. in Accounting             February 2006

M.S. in Accounting           August 2002

Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

B.S. in Economics            February 1993
Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea      2008-current
Associate Professor, Department of Business and Administration
Head, Intellectual Property Education Project Group of Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Member of Marquis Who's Who in 2018

Fulbright Scholar of Mid Career Research, 2013~2014
Visiting Scholar of Clark University, 2013~2014
The Bank of Korea(Central Bank), Seoul, Korea
Senior Economist (Deputy Department Head), Institute for Monetary and Economic Research
Economist, Credit Supervisory Department, etc. 1993-2005

Research Areas
Finanacial Institution(Banking) Management, Accounting
Accounting Principle
Seminars on Finacial Economics
Valuation Analysis
Cost&Managerial Accounting
Financial Market and Management
Intellectual Property and Technology Management
Selected Publications
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