Name Hong, Soon Kooh
Position professor
Fax 02-973-1349
∎1990 Ph.D., Finance, The University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.
∎2005-2006, Department Chairperson of Business Administration, Seoul National University of Science & Technology
Selected Publications
∎ "A mean-variance analysis on the interaction between insurance and risky investment", Journal of Insurance Studies, Vol. 22 (1) No. 62, 2011 Feb.
Journal Papers
- A Financial Economic Analysis of Maximum Premium, Journal of Financial Regulation and Supervision, vol.6 No.2 pp.181~223, 2019
- Monotone Likelihood Ratio Increase in Risk and Optimal Loss Control, Korean Insurance Journal, No.112 pp.37~68, 2017
- 손해심도의 증가와 보험수요에 관한 경제학적 분석, The Journal of risk Management, vol.28 No.2 pp.1~42, 2017
- 자기부담금 보험계약의 보험수요에 관한 연구: 무보험, 일부보험 및 전부보험의 보험료 조건, Journal of Insurance and Finance, vol.28 No.2 pp.59~97, 2017
- Mossin's Theorem Given Random Initial Wealth, JOURNAL OF RISK AND INSURANCE, vol.78 No.2 pp.309~324, 2011
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